Eco Features and Allergies

For our guests who love the planet or who are sensitive, we have a number of eco and low chemical features.

  • The abundant hot water is heated with solar energy from a solar panel mounted on our roof. On cloudy days we have a conventional hot water tank backup.
  • The space is kept clean with cleaning products that are unscented, non-toxic and biodegradable. No chlorine bleach is used on premises.
  • On site composting and recycling
  • Gluten free bakery a block away
  • Vegetarian¬†restaurants and health food stores within walking distance on Commercial Drive
  • Access to prepare your own meals in our kitchen.
  • Non-smoking¬†space – with no smoking of cigarettes, vaping or burning of other materials permitted.

Please note:

We are not able to restrict the behaviour of our other guests, so a completely scent free space is not possible.

A very affectionate cat lives in the house. He is not allowed in the bedrooms and seldom comes upstairs, but if you have a severe cat allergy, this space might not be a fit.