Information for Property Owners

Rose and Stag Vancouver started out as a successful heritage guest house in Vancouver, which retired in 2018. We have developed expertise, web traffic and an online direct booking system that we’d like to share with other small guest houses and short term home rentals in Vancouver.

Booking with services like airbnb and vrbo can be nerve wracking. You get unreasonable reviews from guests at times, which can be really disheartening, when you know you did a good job, offered a quality location and did your best to make people happy. Imagine booking guests without worrying that a perfectly reasonable 4/5 review will result in a nasty email from airbnb.

Build a Direct Booking Clientelle

Direct booked guests are often much more reasonable and appreciate the local homey comfort you provide. Imagine booking direct, and receiving full payment up front, without a high commission.


Look after your own security with special insurance you can add to your home insurance as a low cost rider, payment up front and identification verification. That’s all booking services like airbnb do for you, and who cares more than you? We can help you set all that up and advise you on Vancouver licensing to make sure all your legal boxes are checked.

Add Professional Direct Booking To Your Website

We offer a booking widget you can add to your own website, and can put a description of your offerings and an up to date calendar synched with your booking services that guests can use to pick their dates. Once they choose their dates, an email is sent to you to confirm availability and collect payment from them. You are in complete control of bookings.

Don’t Have or Want a Website for Your Short Term Rental? Use Ours.

You don’t need one. Benefit from our search engine rankings and have a page with all your pictures and details on ours, professionally designed and ready to go. Need something fancier? We are a full service web design company who can make sure you are all set.


This service is free for your first 5 booking referrals through us. After that, you are charged $10 per referral – no matter how long the guests stay or what you charge, invoiced quarterly.

Additional Services

Need some real experienced advice and help? Local, experienced help is available to walk you through getting your place staged and professional photos taken, applying for licenses and insurance, using pricing services and remote lock and key services, and arranging for cleaning services. Want someone to manage your place for you while you are on vacation? We can do that too.

Contact web and business consultant Sophia Kelly, a business analyst with 20 years experience, and also manager of the Rose and Stag.